Our Library

fred_logo_quadratoFRED ( means Free Reading ) Books & People around us is a proximity social network to share your paper books with people who live near us .

It allows you to put in a system many small personal libraries to create a universal and free library , made ​​of real books and people who participate , contributing and sharing books with eachother .FRED is among the 10 best Italian collaborative economic startup according to La Stampa. It is online since May 1, 2014 and is currently active in 75 countries worldwide .



Why we chose to be a Fred Point:

    1. We love the idea of  sharing a library because the books are an important part of our lives;

    2. Because our hotel becomes more and more a place of words , stories , exchange;

    3. Because we want every visitor  not just to take a book to borrow, but gifts the hotel with a book as well.

In this way the library of La Ceramica will become a living testimony of all the people who have lived here , even if for just one day .

    4. As James, the founder of FRED , we are convinced that meeting people is better than being behind a computer           or a smartphone .

    5. We are dreamers .